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Faith, Accusation, and Deliverance:


Speaking boldly in faith is often an offense to those who live within a lot of doubts. The Gift of faith is often very polarizing to those who hear it with current or past violations and accusations their heart. You know; allot of the things the Lord Jesus would say would piss off those who were really just accusing themselves in their own heart.


People often only make accusations because they have been accused recently or in the past, and it has wounded them deeply. Fear and reproach in a person’s heart do not allow them to take no thought of what is perceived as a suffered wrong.

They will not undergird when offended, but will in fact overbear, lash out, and become destructive.

They cannot be ever ready to release others from their sins. They are driven by the words of past accusation or even possible abuse which is agonizing. So they become the very thing that they hate the most.
I find this to be the most insidious of human conditions. One that requires true kindness that can only come from the Lord. Kindness of a supernatural resolve. Only the anointing of the divine love of God can heal and deliver such a one. I pray that he grants us all a realization of such an anointing, in Jesus Name. That we can be used to deliver those captivated and oppressed in that way.

Which is the Greater?

Forgiveness is not Justification

Theses are both blessings, but one of these is not like the other one! A Pardon can be revoked and an Acquittal cannot!

Which is the greater blessing? Would you rather have your misjudgments covered or forgiven – which is pardon?

Or would you rather be treated as if you have not been charged with a misjudgment in the first place, which is justification?

Now read this and see what  the author of Romans is showing you is in fact a distinction of blessings. No matter what you have been told, they are not the same thing, and knowing this is crucial.

Even as David also is telling of the happiness of the man to whom God is reckoning righteousness apart from acts: Happy they whose lawlessnesses were pardoned and whose sins were covered over! Happy the man to whom the Lord by no means should be reckoning sin! This happiness, then, is it for the Circumcision, or for the Uncircumcision also? For we have said, “To Abraham faith is reckoned for righteousness.” (Rom 4:6-9)

The Seat of Moses is not the Mercy (Kindness) Seat of Grace

Moses and The Mountain Works

Moses Demanded, Grace Supplied

Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuses you, even Moses, in whom you trust. John 5:45

The religious leaders in the days of the Lord Jesus Christ use to count the faults of the people, and strained really hard to find them and even create them if they could. They had convinced themselves that it was what they were designed to do. That was the problem because you see many of the faults they found came from the abundance of their own hearts. The Lord said, out of the abundance of the heart men speak. The Bible also says that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. The Lord over and again tried to turn their hearts, but they knew they were right because they sat on the seat of Moses they were High in councils of men and governance. They did not understand that what Moses delivered to the people was only meant to be accomplished by grace. 

You see, the leaders of that day were LAWST in self-righteous and were blind to the grace that stood right there among them. They were LAWST in the demand of the Law that caused Sin to abound. They had NOT A WORD IN THEM for grace!! They had studied, went to church, prayed multiple times a day, they served their God, and had a great following. But they were still LAWST because they could NOT see the GRACE that was right among them. What they thought made them leaders, was, in fact, really what made them blind, so blind that they missed the Lord.

The character of Love, the Love who is God, takes no count of a suffered wrong. It gives its best without demanding its own. It believes the best in of others, and lifts them up. It edifies in the face of a suffered wrong. It does not count the cost when giving to another. These are things that God does through a man, but not by a man are they accomplished. That is the biggest difference between Moses and Grace, Moses knew what man needed to do, and Grace knew that only God could. Moses kept score and Grace fulfilled the requirement.

The Seed and The Now Life


Some might ask, “what does it mean to focus on the seed?”

The Seed (who is Christ) is most effectively seen in the now, not future, or past.

Gal 3:16 KJV  Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.

In your mind the future and the past are thieves that steal your recognition of the faith that is only now.  Now is the only faith, – the very Faith of your Heavenly Father.

“The Great I AM” is the best reference to the character and nature of God that can be grasped by mankind.  “I AM” is not past or future, I am is always now. In reality, there is only one Faith, and that is, the Faith of God, in Christ, that is operative in you. There is one Life, and that is the Life of God, in Christ, and through you.

“I AM” is known in your now, and now is the only Faith and Life.

By: His Image Ministry



It is your Heavenly Father that gives you the power to get wealth. One of the definitions of wealth is moisture, fertility in all that you lay your hand unto. Your Father wants you to know that He has empowered you to have good success, through His Son, who is Christ Jesus.

The Heavenly Father loves the son [and you are in the Son], and has given all things into His hands. When your Heavenly Father sees you He sees the Son, when He hears your voice He hears the Son. Speak only those things you hear in the Son and then you are speaking in Jesus name!!!

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The Truth About Grace By Pastor Breck Rubin of His Image Ministry

This a powerful message that was put on Breck’s heart today from the Father.


Grace is NOT inactivity, but is Life’s activity through you.

Grace works through you and unfolds your reality IN Him.

Grace moves and is never stagnant but is always restfully active!

Grace motivates, for it is He that is the motive of all.

Grace produces excellence through you.



Producer: G. Maitland (Him Apostle)
Writer: Jennefer Payne (Gen-e-sis)


His Image Ministry
Narrator: Him Apostle (G. Maitland)
Writer: Jennefer  Payne (Gen-e-sis)
Producer: His Image Recording Studios

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